Cafe Belong

Brand Identity Menu Presentation Website Design & Development

Tucked into one of the heritage buildings that stand on Toronto’s versatile Evergreen Brick Works campus, Cafe Belong is the ecologically-oriented eatery of acclaimed Chef Brad Long. Its farm-to-table mandate champions local ingredients and sustainable practices, which meshes well with the green policies that govern the sprawling public space.

Our goal was to create an identity that was harmonious with the environment of Evergreen Brick Works and communicated Chef Long’s culinary ethos. From the decorative lettering of the brand monogram to the hand-wrought archival typefaces that were applied to branded products, we designed each piece to evoke honesty, craft and a bountiful appreciation for nature. Even the menu boards were sourced from the reclaimed wood of trees that had been casualties of the blue beetle plague.

Interior Design//3rd Uncle, John Tong
Cafe Belong at Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto ON Canada