Led by our spirited Creative Director, Chad Roberts, we are a small but mighty studio of designers, illustrators, and writers, with a sixth sense for branding and packaging design. We cultivate and craft meaningful brand stories and transform them into striking visual languages that convey passion and purpose. We define, build, and refine identity systems, resulting in timeless brands with undeniable cultural impact.

Our Capabilities

We excel at designing brand stories that we develop from the ground up. It allows us to unify all elements to create a more cohesive and considered brand experience. But truth is, we love undertaking design projects of many forms that require our skills and expertise to cultivate and craft. Whether it’s packaging, brand identity, or printed collateral, we listen, learn, and work hard to create extraordinary brand experiences.

We start every project by working with the client to define a clear brand strategy and position in the marketplace. This lays the foundation for how we tackle designing a brand identity, packaging, and copywriting. We do a thorough competitive analysis to uncover where your brand should live, how it is differentiated, and how to best to reach and engage your target consumer.

The name of your brand is one of the most important aspects of branding because it cascades into so many of the design and strategic decisions that follow. It involves asking a lot of questions, defining your core attributes, message and values, doing deep dive research, and plenty of brainstorming. Our naming process is fluid, often surprising, and always collaborative.

Establishing your brand voice through snappy writing and smart copy goes hand in hand with designing a strong visual identity. Without it, there is a lack of cohesion that supports the visual and strategic components of the brand. From taglines and romance copy, to more elaborate product descriptions and details, we strive to encapsulate your brand’s true voice.

The goal of brand storytelling is to establish an emotional connection to consumers. A good brand story or narrative not only authentically communicates purpose and promise, it hits that nerve with people that instigates loyalty and experience. We love creating and shaping compelling brand stories that set the stage for excellent design.

Your brand identity is the overall image that represents and distinguishes your visual personality. It is the first and lasting impression you leave on consumers, which is why it’s so critical to a brand’s reputation. We think about the holistic application of an identity across all the parts and pieces when we design, making sure it measures up to the calibre of your brand and beyond.

Package design marries form and structure with information and hierarchy. It is a puzzle that we easily solve through concise understanding of communication, application of standards and regulations, and extensive knowledge of materials and production. Our experience in this area allows us to create packaging that is functional yet inventive and memorable.

Translating your visual identity into digital form isn’t just a modern necessity, it also effectively reinforces how you communicate brand experience to your audience. Through succinct planning and visual adaptation, we design and develop custom websites that work seamlessly to engage with users and meet your objectives.

Whether it’s a large-scale composition or a small graphic icon, illustration adds elements of originality and value to a brand identity system. We create illustrations that clarify and enhance your brand message, through mood, style, and execution. We have created custom illustrations for packaging, print collateral, and even a stamp for Canada Post.

Never before has product and lifestyle photography been more relevant in our society. Brands can instantly tell a story and connect with consumers through images on social media, websites, and packaging. We both produce images and work with photographers that will best express an ownable visual tone and style for your brand.

Our brand identity systems are intentionally and meticulously designed to percolate into the marketing collateral that comes into play long after the design phase is done. The flexible yet distinctive nature of these systems allow us to produce collateral to help sell your products or services and simultaneously reinforce the brand image.