Broya Living

Package Design Illustration

Broya slow simmers nourishing and healing organic bone broths that help people achieve equilibrium and wellness. Made from humanely-raised, antibiotic and hormone-free animals, every ready-to-drink broth is uniquely prepared with flavourful techniques, and is of the highest quality and taste. Broya passionately believes that everything is connected, and follows ethical and sustainable practices that are in line with its philosophy.

Moving from glass containers to a resealable pouch, we redesigned Broya’s packaging to reflect the high-grade ingredient-focused nature of its products. Each pouch features a custom illustration highlighting the primary ingredient that signals flavour, resulting in a look that is gourmet but accessible. Information is presented in a clear hierarchy, with typography that is friendly but conveys culinary class. The use of black and white makes the design clean and refined, while the pop of colour effectively differentiates between flavours.

Broya Living, Toronto ON Canada