Dr. Mike Roskies
Yorkville Plastic Surgery Center

Copywriting Brand Identity Print Collateral

Dr. Mike Roskies is a revered Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, and owner and head surgeon at the Yorkville Plastic Surgery Center. Dedicated to transformative and restorative work with the face, his kind and compassionate approach focuses on helping patients actualize the story they want their face to tell.

We informed the brand name by keeping the first name casual, also reflecting Dr. Roskies’ down-to-earth demeanour. It was important to him to also have a mark that delineated his personal practice from that of the broader facility, so we created a system that allowed his personal logo to work in tandem with our new logo for the Yorkville Plastic Surgery Center.

The resulting wordmark is friendly and current, with subtle elements of quirk, but maintains a professional and upstanding impression. The intersecting lines that converge in the middle of the icon create an abstracted M, with a bonus Y. Inner corners mirror the rounded details of the logotype and in turn make a unique tessellation for printed collateral.

Photography by Liz Salzman
Dr. Mike Roskies, Toronto ON Canada