Inner Beach

Brand Identity Retail Collateral

Inner Beach is a retail lifestyle brand that radiates laid-back living and lakeside vibes. Located on the sandy shores of Lake Ontario, the store carries a curated collection of handcrafted pieces, timeworn objects, upcycled waterside artifacts, and casual commodities that capture a beachy state of mind.

We looked to surf and boardwalk culture to inspire all the marks and copywriting tidbits that surround the primary identity. Calling out the location was important to recognizing the lake vs. ocean distinction, so we commemorated Port Credit with its own postmark, designating the beach town as a destination. Seagulls, surfboards, umbrellas, and waves work with low-key lettering and surf shack sensibility as a love letter to shoreside living.

The brand culminates in the full-wrap mural that adorns the bricks and mortar of the shop itself. Employing all the colours that define the identity, we drew a colourful and breezy beach landscape that brings the sunshine and sand all year long.