Hunter & Shaye

Brand Identity Retail Collateral

Premium children’s fashion retailer, Hunter & Shaye sells special occasion wear and designer labels that celebrate the notable events in children’s lives. Their curated and upscale collection of formal and casual wear is memorable, magical, and made just for kids, while the journey for all is an experience they make elegant and enchanting.

To fix the brand’s multiple identities problem, we designated the formal wear side as H&S Ceremony, while all the other previous names would live under the primary Hunter & Shaye banner. This allowed us to create an overarching theme of enchantment for the brand, and carry through  parallel motifs to the sub-brand.

And nothing says enchanting like a parade of woodland creatures, spiffily-dressed and in the mood to celebrate. Our sophisticated procession festively graces the signage, packaging and website, and complements a series of custom-drawn patterns created for merchandising accessories. We also developed a tagline that succinctly captures the brand’s magical style and discovered the perfect literary quotation to add that extra poetic touch.

Hunter & Shaye Inc., Toronto ON Canada