Figata Culinary Emporium

Naming Concept Development Brand Identity Food Service Packaging

Presented in exquisite deli-style display, Figata offers a spectrum of chef-prepared dishes sold by the weight. It provides the upscale experience of shopping at a gourmet food hall combined with the perk of freshly made meals for busy families and food lovers who celebrate the best in cuisine.

We positioned Figata as a literal feast for the senses. Both stunning to the eye and appealing to the appetite, its diverse menu of international flavours and seasonal ingredients represents culinary excellence that balances wholesome, reliable, convenience with extravagant indulgence.

To find a name that would resonate with all of the brand’s core values, we looked to the Italian phrase, ‘Che Figata’, which translates to ‘what a fig’ or ‘that’s cool’. Loaded with ancient symbolism and highly regarded for their versatility and beauty, figs are both sweet, savoury, and abundant, making them the perfect food to associate with excellence and accessibility.

Illustration//Andrew Plewes
30 North Coffee, Cairo Egypt