Good Pantry

Naming Copywriting Brand Identity Package Design

For the modern home baker.

Started by three sisters, the product formerly known as Real Layers, was created to address the lack of delicious real buttercream frosting in grocery stores. It is meant for home bakers who pride themselves on making baked goods with wholesome ingredients from scratch, but need the time-saving benefit of ready-to-use products to deliver that homemade quality.

Consumers were confused by the product.

The original brand wasn’t properly communicating quality and purpose. Despite an abundance of it, the information on the packaging was dispersed, so it wasn’t clear just how different the product was from other packaged frosting. It also had no appetizing appeal and minimal visual distinction between flavours. The Real Layers name made sense to frosting, but not to potential additions to the brand line in the future.

The process for each client is unique.

Knowing refined messaging would inform the naming process, we rethought the packaging hierarchy while simultaneously developing a new name. When considering how to better convey the product at a glance, we placed the emphasis on buttercream and clarified with a qualifier, immediately eliminating the clunkiness and confusion of the previous design. We made the tagline do double duty, evoking the ethos of homemade while also communicating convenience, which allowed us to place secondary product benefits on unutilized real estate.

A good name should tell a whole story.

It had to tick a lot of boxes, but mostly the name had to speak to the product’s origin, attributes, and immediately say baking. Our directions focused on family connection, the use of real ingredients, the convenience factor, as well as baking nomenclature. We arrived at ‘Good Pantry’ because it worked threefold in building the brand story. It speaks to the pantry as a place in the home, to stocking it with real food, and it distinguishes between ingredients used for baking versus finished baked goods. The name also says wholesome, fostering the kind of lifestyle that many modern families aspire to.

The brand identity was shaped by key brand values.

To say wholesome, homemade, and quality, we enclosed the custom-drawn wordmark in a scalloped-edge diamond awash in red, and added a rolling pin as an immediate baking identifier. The simplified gingham-inspired pattern works with the logo to create a visual language that instantly brings to mind recipe books, aprons and home baking.

We made good use of every part of the packaging to relay flavour, certifications, and additional product benefits, and even customized the sleeve where the logo sits on the front panel. The comprehensive brand audit, identity, and packaging redesign proved successful in helping Good Pantry achieve wide distribution in large grocery retailers like Metro, Longo’s and Whole Foods, and paved the way for many more brand extension opportunities.

Chad and his team made the rebranding process much simpler than we anticipated. We were nervous about the name change but in the end the new name and design complement each other so well. Our product stands out on the shelf and the name clearly communicates what’s inside the container. We have seen a significant increase in sales and we know the rebranding is the reason. We will be introducing new products in the near future and the brand name and tag line helps set us apart from other brands.

Rose, Ana and Lucy