Viaggio Restaurant

Brand Identity Menu Presentation Website Design & Development

Viaggio brings a slice of modern culinary sensibility to classic Italian cooking. Meaning journey in Italian, Viaggio’s premise was conceived while Chef Jon Vettraino was on a food-finding tour of Italy.

Often visiting small towns on his trip, Jon noticed many older generations would gather to play a lively game of Scopa. The Italian playing cards seemed a great way to capture the more offbeat flavours of Italian cooking, so we looked to them as a foundation for our design.

For the logo, we riffed on old Italian lettering, maintaining robust proportions but adding nifty spurs and serifs. We custom illustrated the most interesting cards of each suit, using cups on bar menus, coins on cheque presenters, swords on dinner menus, and clubs whenever we wanted because they just looked so darn great.

Menu shells were printed on heavy paper stock in standard sizes, allowing for easy reprints on an in-house printer, and a unique but simple presentation. We even applied the branding to oversized playing cards to use as cheque presenters, admittedly our favourite application of the identity.

Viaggio Restaurant, Toronto ON, Canada