Tara McMullen Photography

Brand Identity Website Design & Development

One of the studio’s first clients, Tara McMullen is a wedding photographer who required a brand identity and website to showcase her impressive portfolio. Her ability to set up artistic shots and capture once-in-a-lifetime moments needed to be reflected in a classic way that complemented the artistry of the images but didn’t typecast her as an everyday wedding photographer.

We custom lettered the characters of her name and designed an elegant border to become her wordmark, offsetting it all with a vibrant hue of yellow The website subtly incorporates elements of the border linework and effectively uses a gallery framework to present Tara’s work by venue. The result is an identity that conveys her sunny personality and professionalism without overshadowing the emotion of her photography style. That the design remains in use and still succinctly captures Tara’s ethos is testament to the longevity of the identity we created for her.

Tara McMullen Photography, PEC Ontario Canada