For New Clients

We have extensive experience with boutique food, beverage and hospitality clients, but have worked with clients in varying fields and industries, both boutique and very established. Rather than discriminate according to size or type, we prefer to determine if a client and our studio are aligned to work together based on project needs and desired outcome.

Smaller packaging only projects can be completed in 3-4 weeks time, but larger brand audits or projects where we are creating a brand identity and packaging applications typically take between 2 -3 months time from initial kick off meeting to production ready artwork.

Yes, We are currently available to start new projects.

During busy seasons, our small team does get booked in advance. If you are under tight time constraints reach out and we will be able to tell you realistically if it is possible for our team to meet your deadlines.

We carefully pace our intake of new clients to ensure we have the resources to properly address each project’s unique needs while continuing to service our existing client base.

Our fees are based on project deliverables. Initial discussions help us better understand your particular needs and provide a realistic cost overview.

If it’s a good fit for us, we schedule an introductory meeting to discuss your project in detail in order to provide a written fee proposal that accurately reflects your requirements.

One of our specialties is the development of hospitality brands from the ground up. In order to allow proper time for design, production, and fabrication, we ask to be brought into a project a minimum of 2 months prior to opening, if not before. We do not offer interior design services, however we often work closely with architects and interior designers to fully integrate a brand into a physical space.

Yes, depending on our current client-based workload. We will make time for unique opportunities that suit our studio’s specific point of view. We have collaborated on packaging and brand redesigns with agencies and brand strategists in the past.

Though we are based in Toronto, we have successfully completed projects across Canada and the US, as well as overseas. We don’t let distance prevent us from satisfying every design challenge with the same level of diligence and fastidiousness we dedicate to local clients.

About our Studio

We are a team of 4 and we are all artists, writers and designers. We like collaborating with photographers and illustrators when needed, but we contribute where we can, when we can, sparing no skill and strengthening our creative muscle at every turn. We weren’t kidding when we said we were small but mighty.

Our inspiration comes from our clients. We’re knowledgeable about current design trends as much as we’re historically informed, but ultimately getting to know our clients and the brands we craft for them is what dictates our style.

When Chad moved back to Canada in 2008, he specifically set up his design studio to work with small producers and those with a personal passion for what they do. The studio continued to grow and evolve under this mandate, attracting a steady stream of likeminded clients and picking up a slew of unexpected ones along the way.

The intention was and still is to keep the studio small. It affords us the opportunity to work with the right people and projects and satisfies our creative appetite at the same time.

We consider our specialty working with the best in class to provide design that matches the high quality of each brand. Our approach in philosophy exceeds our loyalty to any one area of design.

For Students

Being a small studio doesn’t always make sense for us to accommodate interns, but when we do, we will list openings on the website.

Yes. We are available for just graduating students who want feedback on their portfolios. Our pandemic protocol is to conduct reviews over video conference. If you are interested in having your portfolio reviewed with a CRD team member, please email the studio at

Yes. Send us no more than 5 concisely written questions with the subject line, ‘School Assignment’. We will try to get back to you within 3 working days. Email to