September 10, 2020

Like many others, our team had to transition to working from home during the lockdown in response to Covid-19. Holding daily morning one-on-ones over video chat started to have a bit of a Groundhog Day feel to it, and we still marvel at how long it’s been since some of us have been at our desks in the studio.

As a fellow small business, we know the strain the pandemic has had on our smaller clients. We’re consistently impressed with the ingenuity and resilience our clients have shown, and we continue to support them the best we can.

Now that fall is here, half the team is back in social distancing form in the studio, and we hope to get back to some semblance of what life was like before. We missed out on the studio concert this year, but hope that by September 2021, we might be able to catch that Lady Gaga show after all.