Interested in working with us? Please take a moment to read through
our FAQs to see if your project is the right fit for our studio.
Studio Availability
As a small team we are often booked 3-4 weeks in advance for new clients.  Depending on the scope of your project we may be able to make accommodations.


We carefully pace our intake of new clients to ensure we have the resources to properly address each project’s unique needs while continuing to service our existing client base.
Project Timelines
Projects typically take between 4-6 weeks from kick off meeting to the delivery of production ready artwork, with an additional 2-3 weeks required for website programming. Each project is unique and always has some variables.
Restaurant & Hospitality Clients
One of our specialties is the development of hospitality brands from the ground up. In order to allow proper time for design, production and fabrication we ask to be brought into a project a minimum of 2 months prior to opening, if not before. We do not offer interior design services, however we often work closely with architects and interior designers to fully integrate a brand into a physical space.
Branding & Packaging Clients
We typically work with established businesses looking to grow or redefine their brand, or established companies starting a new brand or product line. If you are a small start up with limited financial backing we may be beyond your budget at this time.


We do not take on projects that are part of a crowd funding campaign or are part of a concept pitch.
Your websites look amazing! Can you rebuild our site?
We only design and develop websites for clients when we are the author of the brand identity. Our websites are successful due to the seamless integration of design and development, which can be extremely hard to achieve when working with pre-existing assets and guidelines.
Can you just design me a flyer/postcard/business card?
As our time is booked in advance we are not available for by-request production design work on new accounts. Once a working relationship has been established through the completion of a brand audit we service our clients’ ongoing needs by request.
Do you work with Agencies or Art Directors?
Yes, dependent on our current client-based work load. We will make time for unique opportunities that suit our studio’s specific point of view. We have collaborated on packaging and brand redesigns with agencies and brand strategists in the past.
Your dogs are so cute! What are their names?
Henry and William, or as they are known in the dog park, the Little Princes. They are Boston Terriers, and are 5 and 3 years old.
I’m interested in working with Chad Roberts Design
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Once your inquiry has been received we will follow up with further questions. If we feel your project would be a good fit for us we will schedule an introductory meeting at our studio. During this meeting we will share past design presentations and completed projects with you to provide a better sense of how we work. We will also discuss your project in detail in order to provide a written quote that accurately reflects your needs.